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Zone Struct

Structure to define a shaded region which appears as part of the chart background. Zones may be used on any conventional 2-dimensional chart (see the Gantt tutorials) or on Dial charts to mark out significant areas on the scale. Each Zone has a start and stop value, a color and an optional fillstyle.

For xy-plots (scatterplots or bubblecharts) you may define a matching array of x-zones and y-zones to mark out arbitrary rectangular areas on the chart. These are shaded at the intersection of the zone pairs rather than spanning the axis range.

public struct Zone

Public Constructors

Creates a solid-filled shaded region.

public Zone(
   double startValue, 
   double stopValue, 
   Color regionColor

Creates a shaded region with given fill-style.

public Zone(
   double startValue, 
   double stopValue, 
   Color regionColor,
   FillStyle regionPattern


sp.SetXZones(new Zone(40,60,Color.Green,FillStyle.Opacity30));


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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