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ResponsePlotStyles Enumeration

Response surface Style (flags).

public enum ResponsePlotStyles


AltitudeShadingAltitude shading is used with contour plots, bubble charts and response surfaces
ContoursDraw contour lines between data points
CurvesPoints are joined with smooth curves rather than straight lines
FineAltitude shading interpolated in fine detail
FlatTextFlat labels and captions are used on 3D charts
ForceZeroForce zero (all axes include origin)
GridLinesDraw gridlines (all axes)
HaloMarkersHalo all markers (improves 3D effect on Cloud charts)
MarkersMarkers are drawn at data points
NoAxesNo axes are drawn on the chart
NoLinesNo lines are drawn (turns off default)
RisersDraw risers to data points from axis or fitted model
ScaleBarBubble charts and altitude-shaded Contour plots add a nominal Z-Axis
TiledSurfaceTile surfaces on response plots
WallShadingShade walls on all 3D charts


Namespace: Causeway

Assembly: SharpPlot (in sharpplot.dll)

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